About Kumbaya

Founded in 2016, Kumbaya is working to “Connect the last Billion,” bringing power, connectivity and content to off-grid, rural communities. Kumbaya powers connectivity. Connectivity powers knowledge. And knowledge powers social and economic progress.

Kumbaya’s mission is to create sustainable solutions that enable the under-served, unconnected people of our world to transform their lives. With this in mind, we built zeroXess, a solar-powered home energy and communications platform that is affordable, reliable and sustainable, to ensure there is always electricity, light, connectivity, and access to the information of the world.

Kumbaya is a participant of the UN Global Compact and we are committed to achieve the #1 goal of the United Nations: Sustainable development to eliminate poverty by increasing access to technology, education, and reliable infrastructure.  The markets alone cannot solve the problems of poverty. Charity and aid are not enough to overcome the challenges faced by over two-thirds of the world’s population living unconnected and below the poverty line. As a for-profit social enterprise, Kumbaya has built a sustainable business with a profitable business model to ensure its solutions can drive real change and have lasting impact.