Investment in Kumbaya

Kumbaya is growing. The zeroXess platform is ready for small community pilots, while preparing for large-scale deployment in rural areas, including communities and refugee camps, all over the globe. In the coming five years, we will attract 10M+ new end-users and provide them with sustainable, affordable power and connectivity – helping them grow too. Your investment will help sustain these communities not only with power and connectivity, but more importantly with knowledge for social and economic progress.

Kumbaya creates sustainable solutions that enable the underserved and unconnected to transform their lives. The markets alone cannot solve the problems of poverty. Charity and aid are not enough to overcome the challenges faced by over two-thirds of the world’s population living unconnected and below the poverty line. Kumbaya invites those looking to make an impact by doing social good to invest in our for-profit social enterprise to drive real change.

What Makes Us Distinct

We use rigorous, fact-based market analysis and an equable approach to problem solving, informed by decades of on-the-ground experience

We bring private-sector experience to development work through teams that combine business expertise with local knowledge, relationships and context

We work as a catalyst at all points in competitive markets, partnering with stakeholders including small farmers, governments, donors, corporations, and multinational telecom and tower operators

We specialize in leveraging corporate sponsor partnerships to create shared value for all market participants

Realize the Investment Value of Our Core Operations to Ensure Change for the Most Needed Living in Poverty

If you feel inspired by Kumbaya’s mission and want to learn more, you can apply for our Insider Walk-Through.

During the Insider Walk-Through we will tour you through Kumbaya’s operations, our business and business models, our technical solution (both hardware and software), and give you a demonstration of the product in our showroom.