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OUR GOAL: Access for All to Energy and Connectivity by 2030

Connectivity changes everything from health, nutrition, gender equality, and safety, through basic elementary education and information

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INVEST Kumbaya is building a sustainable company to effect change for the long term. Our investors are humanitarians who understand that by building out a healthy company we can help the most amount of people with the greatest effect. You can join our group of investors who not only fund a for-profit social enterprise but have invested in bringing zeroXess to poor, underserved populations around the world to connect the last billion.


INNOVATE Help Kumbaya provide the best solutions for people in need all over the world. Through our User Innovation Program, you can directly influence the future development of existing and upcoming zeroXess technology, modifying future generations of our products to meet people’s real needs and habits.

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VOLUNTEER Part-time, full-time, over the summer or during the school year. If you are a student looking for on-the-job-experience and wanting to learn more about the educational components and social engagement required to help us change the world, consider an internship with us.

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