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When it comes to early education, girls are at a major disadvantage. Across sub-Saharan Africa, nine million girls between the ages of about 6 will never go to school at all, compared to six million boys. Gender roles can mean that young girls are removed from school to collect water or care for their siblings. Meanwhile, countries such as Niger, Chad and Mali have some of the world’s highest levels of child marriage – many girls become brides before they have finished primary school.

“Educating a girl educates a nation. It unleashes a ripple effect that changes the world unmistakably for the better. We have recently set ourselves a new ambitious agenda to achieve a sustainable future. Success in this endeavor is simply not possible without educated, empowered girls, young women and mothers. “

UNESCO Gender Parity Report
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Kumbaya’sTM zeroXess platform is the basis to start learning, reading, writing and math and deliver answers to the most common Health, Nutrition and Life questions and convert to early knowledge. Our initial platform is designed for early education from grades pre-k up to grade 4, with plans for rapid expansion. The KumbayaTM Digital Library is set to feature over 250 interactive stories that teach life lessons, promote positive images of girls and challenge social norms. KumbayaTM Academy’s content is available in 30 African languages with plans to expand further to local dialects.

Early learning is a very important transitional period. This is when children learn to count and match, read and draw. They also begin to express themselves, to share and interact with one another, developing their self-confidence. These are important lessons for their later years at school. We get to know their weaknesses and strengths at an early age: we can help with the weaknesses and build on the strengths. A child who hasn’t been to an early learning class is at a disadvantage because they are forced to catch up later. [Maybe leave out because it would make the content too long?]

At KumbayaTM, we understand the benefits and joys of pre-school education and its ability to help students gain knowledge to eject from poverty. Looking into the reality of life in parts of Africa, too many children start school without any concept of education, without knowing what to expect and without the confidence they need to do well.

At KumbayaTM, we have developed the answer to help excel those children from zero upwards.