Meet Our Team

At Kumbaya, success begins with our team. Together we can tackle complex challenges with creativity and dedication, going the extra mile to test, adjust, and deliver a premium product. Each member of our team is a specialist in their field and we are comprised of risk takers, fast learners, and experts who are redefining the capability of emerging technologies. Our team is invested in the success of our ventures, and through collaboration we are building loyalty across touchpoints in the market, while driving the best possible returns.

Executive Team

Mike Freni CEO & Chairman BOD

Mike Freni, CEO, excels in critical thinking and ideas that ultimately lead to new industry innovations. He considers new ways of approaching old problems that meet real-world goals based on accurate, unbiased data. Mike is able to quickly zero-in on two areas relevant to business success: assessing the challenge and finding the solution, which lead to successful decision-making. He upholds the company’s core principals: a commitment to both “investor profitability and social responsibility”

Rasha Qamheyeh Chief Strategy Officer

A savvy executive and business builder with experience in strategic business development and revenue creation; including partnership creation, negotiation, execution and financial modeling.

Rasha is one of the truly strategic, big picture thinkers who is able to assess and transitions the vision of a technology startup and all its blissful glory into a business model from which employees and investors can derive profit, while maintaining the company values and culture throughout.

An optimist Futurist, a Technologist and a Physicist at heart who is passionate about bringing on the Singularity.

Fady El-Rukby CTO

Technology leader and executive with passion for applied innovation, a proven track record of building successful software organizations and delivery, and focus on IoT, Big Data, AI, Deep Learning, the Cloud & Remote Wireless Power.

Core contributor to future technoligy strategy of the organizational structure and processes going from prototype to full market deployment.

Shailesh Upreti
Shailesh Upreti Senior Technology Advisor

Shailesh is an expert in energy storage technology and former member of the US Department of Energy’s Frontier Research Center at Binghamton University in New York. He holds multiple technology patents and is published in 70 international journals. He has worked with the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency and the US Army’s Research Development and Engineering Command

Management Team

Adam Jaynes Project Manager

Experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the fundraising industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Banking, Public Speaking, Time Management

Natasha Power Finance Manager

Highly motivated Finance Manager/HR Manager with over ten years experience in private, public companies. Diversified background in accounting, financial modeling, CR and impact investment  and analysis.

Engineering Team

Andrei Isotomin VP of Engineering

Andrei Istomin provides direction and technical vision to build Kumbaya’sTM data collection platform, ensuring that architectural and technical decisions are sound and best practices are followed. Prior to joining Kumbaya, he held a technical leadership role at Bidding Unlimited Incorporated providing technical expertise and leadership to its IT department. Starting from the ground up, he led the creation of a secure IT infrastructure and monitoring and put in place engineering processes and best practices tailored to IT department needs. Andrei’s tenure at an online advertising giant YP, in the role of senior software engineer provided him with valuable expertise in a range of engineering methodologies and “big data” platform technologies. He holds a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics and has conducted research in atomic and molecular physics, computational biology and bioinformatics. He has co-authored 16 peer-reviewed publications in those areas and was a frequent presenter at national and international conferences

Christian Jensen
Christian Jensen Industrial Designer

After receiving his Industrial Design degree from National University of Mar del Plata in Argentina, Christian traveled the world in search of design opportunities. For nearly two decades, he followed his own curiosity and deepened his design expertise, working for many companies in a diversity of sectors: naval, automotive, fashion, and consumer electronics. Currently, he is helping Kumbaya to envision new devices and what the future might bring

Anubhav Jagtap
Anubhav Jagtap Project Engineer

Anubhav has hands-on experience in non-volatile memory technologies like memristor (RRAM), analog and mixed signal circuit design, testing and verification. He leads Kumbaya’sTM complete digital and analog design efforts, including circuit design, calculation, simulation, troubleshooting, and testing. Anu gave a TEDx talk on memristor in 2016 and has 1 patent pending. He holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Long Beach

Poonam Sara
Poonam Sara RF/MW Engineer

Poonam is in-charge of the research, design and development of the wireless broadband connectivity platform for zeroXess which will be placed with limited or no connectivity. She enthusiastically applies her knowledge of wireless transmission, propagation and reception mode of technology at Kumbaya. She received her M.S. from California State University, Fullerton in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Wireless/RF Communications. She gained a lot of experience with RFIC layout schematics, modulation & demodulation, GPS, satellite link systems and cellular mobile communication since she began her career. Her area of expertise also includes design, simulation and testing wide variety of Antenna prototype and development, and troubleshooting in end-to-end system and signal processing analysis

Kidus Tsegay
Kidus Tsegay Mechanical Engineer

Kidus holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles where he focused on Electric Vehicle efficiency and renewable energy, specifically solar energy. Prior to joining KumbayaTM, Kidus gained tremendous engineering experience during his tenures at SpaceX and Parker Hannifin as a mechanical engineer. He is an active member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Currently, he is designing for manufacturing Kumbaya’s environmentally conscious energy solution product, zeroXess, with the goal of diversifying future reliable and renewable energy supplies to improve off grid community lives

Li-Mei Situ
Li-Mei Situ UI/UX Designer

Li-Mei has a strong background in digital marketing but became fascinated by how human interactions with products can create different user experiences. She is currently designing the UI/UX of the zeroXess to connect users from off-grid communities to the digital world. She hopes to use design to create change in communities in need

Hatem Saidane Software Engineer

Hatem has written code in a variety of advanced object-oriented programming languages and lead projects from embedded system to web applications. His expertise is drawn from across the industry; most notably with Quantum Inc., where he spent more than 14 years working as a Software engineer leading numerous projects related to robotics tape libraries, data backup, and cloud storage. He has extensive experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle and an outstanding software development background. He completed his bachelor’s in computer science and engineering at Cal State Long Beach. He’s currently working on the design and development of software for the next generation Kumbya devices and products.

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